Our Animal Hospital Offers Bathing & Grooming Services

Having your pet groomed is not a luxury, but a necessary part of maintaining your pet’s overall comfort and health. At Archdale Animal Hospital, our friendly staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our grooming services and the many health benefits they provide.

Located in Charlotte, NC, our animal hospital offers a variety of veterinary services include basic grooming trims to maintain hygiene at an affordable cost to our clients. While brushing your pet’s coat is an important part of the process, it is not all that grooming entails. Regular brushing removes dirt, dandruff, and dead hairs while stimulating natural oils to give their coat that glossy and healthy shine. It also helps to remove tangles and prevents fur from becoming matted which could lead to pain and infection.

By trimming hairs around your pet’s face, our staff can keep an eye out for early signs of trouble, including infection or parasites. At our animal clinic, we examine and clean the sensitive areas of your pet’s face including their eyes and ears. Depending on the breed of your pet, ear infections can pose a serious threat. Your pet’s ears should be clean and odor free. If you detect any foul smell, redness, or swelling inside the ears this could be the result of mites or an ear infection and should be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

In addition to our grooming and on-site pet boarding services, Archdale Animal Hospital also offers bathing services to help eliminate the stress of washing your pet at home. Our facility includes a built-in ramp designed to help our patients safely get in and out of the tub. We also use a Hydro-Surge bathing unit that thoroughly cleans your pet’s skin and fur to keep them healthy and germ-free. However, bathing your pet too often can have negative effects as it may strip away oils and leave their skin dry and patchy. Ask our vet to recommend a bathing schedule based on your pet’s needs.

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Worried about your pet’s dental health? At Archdale Animal Hospital, we also offer animal teeth cleaning services and dental procedures including the extraction of broken teeth.

Visit our animal hospital today for professional grooming care for your pet’s health. While we are a walk-in clinic, we do ask that appointments for our grooming, bathing, or dental procedures be checked in by 10 am.

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