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Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral Medicine

Your pet’s behavior affects every interaction you have with him or her on a daily basis. When a pet has a behavior problem, the consequences are far-reaching. In extreme situations, a serious behavior problem can lead to euthanasia or surrendering a pet to a shelter.

At Archdale Animal Hospital, our caring team understands that pets can have a wide variety of behavioral issues, from simple housetraining problems to severe anxiety and aggression issues. Our animal clinic staff is well qualified and experienced in diagnosing and addressing behavior problems with an approach that combines skills from veterinary clinical medicine, behavioral medicine, and pet training. We can evaluate your pet for medical problems that mimic behavioral problems and help you determine the best course of action.

Whether your pet is suffering from a larger issue that requires medical treatment or could benefit from additional behavioral training, let our animal hospital in Charlotte, NC be your guide. Contact us today to explore all that Archdale Animal Hospital has to offer.