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5 Essential Items to Pack for a Day Trip Outdoors with Your Dog

by in Pet Health on 26 July, 2013

Who doesn’t love to take their best friend along for a day outside? It’s never fun to get to your destination and realize you’ve forgotten something essential. Here’s 5 things you should never leave without to ensure your day trip with Fido is a good time:

Yes, you can help eliminate your dog's thunderstorm anxiety

by in Tips and Safety on 12 July, 2013

If your dog is shaking, quaking, barking or hiding during thunderstorms, you’re not alone. It’s a very common problem. The good news is — it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem.

Your veterinarian can help you explore the best options to help your frightened pet, and you may end up choosing one or more of the following treatments.

An Overweight Pet is No Joke!

by in Pet Health on 05 July, 2013

Some folks seem to think that fat pets are funny, and they put photos and videos of fat pets on-line. But whether you see an overweight dog in your neighbourhood or on YouTube, it’s no laughing matter.

Heat Stroke Alert for All Pets!

by in Tips and Safety on 28 June, 2013

Last week a South Carolina veterinary practice was alarmed by a situation involving heat stroke. A local dog had been left outside too long, in 90+ degree temperatures and extreme humidity. The dog’s owner assumed that a shady area of the yard would be OK for the dog. Sadly, it wasn’t, and the dog died.

Natura pet food and treat recall June 2013

by in Recalls and Warnings on 21 June, 2013

If you use any of the Natura brand pet food and treats, you’ll want to be aware of a product recall due to Salmonella concerns. This is how Natura announced the recall on their website: www.naturapet.com/recall