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3 ways to support June Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

by LifeLearn in Pet Health on 14 June, 2013

So many kitties waiting in animal shelters. So few homes for them. What can be done?

Since June is the official Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, we’d like to offer three ways you can help.

1: Adopt a shelter cat.

Perhaps you have room in your home and life for a warm, furry friend. If you’re open to adopting a shelter cat this month or ANY month, you could save a kitty and bring some extra love into your home. Your veterinarian can provide guidance on adopting a cat or kitten, making sure it has a “clean bill of health,” successfully introducing it to the family (especially any other pets at home), and anything else you need to make it a smooth, happy transition.

2: Volunteer to care for shelter cats while they’re waiting for homes.

If you’re not in a position to adopt a shelter cat, perhaps you can donate some time to your local shelter. Across North America, animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to help with feeding, socialization, exercise and play, loving companionship, cleaning and many other tasks that help keep cats happy and healthy. You can even help with marketing, accounting and other office tasks if you prefer. A little help — even 1-2 hours a week — can go a very long way.

3: Donate funds to your local shelter to help with cat-care costs.

If your life is super busy right now and you’d still like to help, consider donating money to a local shelter to help pay for cat food and treats, litter, blankets, toys, facility operations, staffing and other needs. Any amount will make a meaningful difference to these kitties and their care givers.

If you’d like more ideas to help during June Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, call your local shelter or talk with your veterinarian.



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