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Celebrating Deaf Dog Awareness Week

by in Pet Health on 20 September, 2013

September 21-27 is Deaf Dog Awareness Week, led by Petfinder and the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund. It’s our hope that the campaign will continue to spread awareness about owning a deaf dog. Although temporary, partial or bilateral deafness can affect many dogs, they still make warm, caring companions and trainable pets.

Halloween Hints for Pets

by in Pet Health on 24 October, 2013
Halloween Hints — No Fright, No Fear for Pets This Year!

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year, and it’s natural to want to try to involve your family pet in all the activity. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that not all Halloween activities are fun or safe for pets. A few simple precautions can keep your spooky celebrations fun for everyone in the family, whether they are two footed or four footed.

Dental Disease in Dogs

by in Pet Health on 24 October, 2013
I was unaware that dogs have dental problems. Is it common?

Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. Over 68% of all dogs over the age of three are estimated to have some form of periodontal or dental disease.

Facts on Fatal Foods for Dogs

by in Recalls and Warnings on 13 September, 2013

Most of us know better than to give human food to our dogs as treats, but it would be naïve to think this doesn’t happen at one point or another for most pet owners. You probably already know some table foods that appeal to your dog. What you may not know is how many common foods pose potentially fatal health threats to pets. We encourage you to review this list which highlights just a few of the many foods that carry real danger for your dog.

Why Do Pet Owners Choose Grain-Free Pet Food?

by in Pet Health on 06 September, 2013

Why Do Pet Owners Choose Grain-Free Pet Food?

More than ever, pet owners understand that eating habits are critical to overall pet health and quality of life. Just as our food choices can help to prevent or minimize human health problems like Celiac disease, obesity, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension, nutrition plays an important role in helping our pets avoid unwanted health implications. Some pet owners opt for grain-free pet food in the interest of optimizing their dog or cat’s diet. If you’ve seen “Grain Free” on pet food labels, you may be wondering how grains factor into your pet’s nutrition, and whether going grain-free is a better nutritional choice for your pet.